Monday, December 2, 2013

4 months

Well in about a week I should have another post about Aubrey's 5th month, so I guess I should get this one up now...

I am still breast feeding Aubrey.  She is increasingly difficult to feed because she is so distracted, but she is growing slowly but surely.

Her weight does continue to be a concern, although she is growing her weight has gone down in percentile.  At 12 lbs 7 oz she is in the 17th percentile for weight ( down from the 27th).  24.3 inches puts her in to the 39th percentile for her length.  She is just going to be a skinny little peanut.

We do start our children on food earlier than some.  She is enjoying her cereal.  We have had some struggles with food.  She really enjoys eating, anything we have tried to give her, but along the way she has had a slight reaction in the form of a diaper rash.  We are being very cautious what  we give her and not introduce food too fast just in case.

Still not sleeping through the night.  Some nights are better than others, but overall her first stretch of sleep is about 6-7 hours, then up frequently for the rest of the night.

Easily rolling from front to back and back to front.  Moves around the room, but still not crawling (THANKFULLY, I do think its still too early for how easily she does move).

Enjoys time in her exersaucer. And LOVES watching brother in whatever he does!
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