Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Marathon Training Update {1}

So last week started my training for the Rock n Roll Raleigh marathon.

Marathon running began for me in 2008.

I have always struggled a bit with depression and was having a particularly low period in 2007/2008. My doctor suggested I start exercising more, so like any sane, reasonable person I signed up to run a marathon.

It was a phenomenal experience for me. I met so many great people and each week was a huge accomplishment. So I came home after the Rock n Roll San Diego marathon and immediately signed up for Chicago.
After Chicago I took a break from racing but continued with marathon running through coaching with Team in Training.

My break from running was then extended when I had Liam and life just got in the way. I am so excited to be back running. I went for a nice run with the Team on Saturday and I can't wait to wake up early and spend my Saturdays with them again. Okay maybe not the wake up early part. Yeah definitely not the wake up early part.

I'm still working on my training schedule.  For the runs I planned out to follow Hal Higdon's intermediate 2 program, but also wanted to add some cross training in the form of P90x.  Here is where I am at.  I will adjust next month if necessary.

Lets hope I stick to this plan while we are in the tundra of Michigan next week.
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