Monday, December 30, 2013

5 months

Miss Blue Eyes... Even Liam calls her that now, or Little Lady
Weighing in at a not so chunky 13 pounds 12 oz.

Activity: We were getting into a nice routine for tummy time. You were quite content to be rolling around on the floor, getting at whatever you wanted. Then you started sitting, all you want now is to be sitting upright.

Eating: This girl can eat! I am still breastfeeding, you can not wait 3-4 hours between feedings ( THANK YOU ). You are also LOVING any baby food you can get your hands on, except greens. I fear you will be an Oompa Loompa soon if you don't start eating other colors. You also try to grab anything we are eating out of our hands.
Aubrey grabbing Liam's grill cheese to eat

Sleep: This area still leaves a lot to be desired! You are so inconsistent. We have had 2 days EVER that you have slept until 6 am, a handful or so where you slept until 4 am. So many nights you just wake up and not to eat.

Thanksgiving you started rolling over at night and we had to stop swaddling you. We also had to put bumpers on your crib because you would stick your arms and legs out the sides, I was afraid of you breaking something.

Socially:  You are always ready to give someone a smile, as long as you are getting attention.  You have really became a happy baby.  You love your brother, watching everything he does.  Just don't pick up any bad habits from him (like eating).
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