Tuesday, June 18, 2013

LCF Threadz: Car Seat Canopies

Hey There!

I just wanted to show you all one of my new favorite products I have been making.  The Car Seat Canopy.  Its like a blanket that attaches to the handles of the infant carseat.

These are great to use year round.   In the summer, the "blanket" will keep the sun out of the baby's eyes, or you can use it in stores to cover the baby while s/he sleeps, or just to keep others from touching him/her.

In the winter, the blanket will help block the wind  and cold air from the baby.

These Car Seat Canopies can be made with either coordinating fabrics or with one side a soft, cuddly minky.

And as an added bonus, my carseat expert (yes, I really do have one :))  tells me this is one of the few  approved after market products.

If you are in need of a gift for someone having a baby, these are perfect!

Car Seat Canopies on LCF Threadz
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  1. These are amazing! I wish I had one with my son! I have 2 sisters that are pregnant, though, so I am definitely checking these out! :)

  2. Thanks Hayley! Email me and we can talk about colors and prints.