Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rainy Summer :(

We have had a lot of rain here over the past month.  Unfortunately that means we have to stay inside, BORING.

Liam seems to think this means he can watch television all day.  This is not going to happen and this has been a hard concept for him to grasp.  As we are trying to get into some sort of routine in our new life of me at home, I am trying to find times of the day to allow him this down time with the television, without him watching too much. 

So his television watching has revolved around his sleeping.  When we get up in the morning he watches a program, after his nap or quiet time he watches another program, and as we wind down before bed.

I know my mom is surprised I let him watch television at all, I always said how against television for children I am.  But it is more of an over use of television that I am against.  As easy as life could be, I do not want to use the television to baby-sit my child.

I was so happy yesterday to see Liam enjoying the background noise the television provided, without really caring to watch it.  
Yes, he wears seasonal pajamas year round.
So I guess we need to find some special rainy day activities for him for these summer days we are stuck inside.

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  1. Peyton wears her Christmas pajamas Kella got her still. They're big enough they make it to next Christmas! :)