Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dear Pinterest: I need folders

Let me just start with saying I don't understand couponing. We don't coupon. I've tried. For several weeks I bought newspapers, but I just never found enough coupons of things I actually bought or needed. Maybe someone can explain this whole couponing thing to me.

I have however managed to save plenty of money each week just by planning dinner menus and going to the store with a list. That and going alone (sorry Brian).  I am telling you, this alone has probably cut our grocery bill in half.

I don't mind cooking at all, I just hate coming up with ideas of what to make.  Pinterest has helped me change up our meals a bit. And Brian has gotten much better at letting me experiment on him.
My one complaint is looking through my food board on Pinterest and its so unorganized. Yes I could just make several new boards (drinks, soups, salads, dinners, appetizers...) but I'd really just like to see folders inside the board to organize it.

Somedays I much prefer to look at other blogs, which have their recipes organized.

I am really enjoying this blog, like pinterest, there are pictures to show you what the recipe is.
This blog has a lot of great recipes we have tried out, but you need to click the links to get to her pictures.

So PLEASE Pinterest, can I have folders to help organize my boards?

If anyone has any great recipes or tricks you would like to share for cutting costs on your grocery bills, Please share away!

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  1. Southern Savers has videos and coupon lists you can use. It helped me tons. Basically you just save/date your coupon inserts and each week when Harris Teeter starts up their new savers, Jenny (the owner of the site) posts a list of coupons and "matchups" to sale items. Using the coupon when the item is on sale makes it even less expensive.