Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day365 {2}

This week I have decided to share with you those first few days of Liam's diagnosis. I remember every second of it. Its crazy, even the week leading up to his diagnosis is so clear in my memory!

On the way to the hospital I called my mom. She acted like it was no big deal, but I'm sure she was just trying to keep me calm.

At the hospital we left our things in the car, not really realizing the possibility of an overnight stay, we were just there for an ultrasound. We rode the colorful elevator to the 2nd floor, Hemby Child's Hospital. After checking in at the nursing station, we were shown to room 204. Soon after Libby and Stephanie, our nurses, came to admit Liam. Yup, wasn't prepared for that either. All patients get an IV and continuous fluids... but we were just there for an ultrasound...

Child Life came by to let us know it was Pizza Night, awesome! It was now 7pm and I hadn't ate since my lunch at 10:30.

Since I had fed Liam while we were at the pediatrician we had to wait for the ultrasound. Around 8:30 transport came to get us. I rode in the wheel chair holding Liam, Brian followed behind. Downstairs in radiology Brian and I had to hold Liam down while he had the ultrasound. Pictures tears streaming down everyone's face at this point. Liam was not happy!

A short time later, which felt like forever, the peds doctor came to tell us the ultrasound showed something enlarged, but they couldn't tell what. Transport was coming back to take us to CT.

Brian decided to go to the car to get our things while I went with Liam to CT. Our CT tech was Jody. He let me stay in the CT room with Liam, I stood right next to his head talking to him, trying to keep my baby calm. This was so scary for me, I can't imagine how scary it was for an 8 month old.

The CT tech in the control room came over the speaker " This is a chest, abdomen and pelvic scan right!"
Jody replied, "No just chest and abdomen"
"But its a chest, adbomen, pelvic right?"
"No, Just chest and pelvic"
"Can you come here please"

They aren't allowed to tell you anything, but I knew they saw something. I held back my tears and tried to stay strong for my baby.
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