Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Saturday November 20, 2011

As my mom always promised, she was only a phone call away. Mary too. I called my mom in the EARLY morning hours asking if she was on her way yet, but the earliest flight she could get was later that afternoon.

Dr. Bolen came it to meet us around 7:30 that morning. It was oddly comforting to have a doctor come in so early to meet us. She had looked at his scans, based on those and his age she told us what she believed Liam had: hepatoblastoma. He would need to have a biopsy to confirm, but she was certain.

Dr. Bolen also went over Liam's treatment options.
1. Surgery to remove the tumor
2. Chemo and then surgery to remove to tumor
We would have to wait til the surgeon came by later to hear what our options was....

We were also told what drugs his chemotherapy would consist of and the side effects... Now I can honestly say I don't think I have ever shared this, but I remember being told o e of the side effects was hearing loss. My heart sank- why? my degree is in deaf education, I never thought a hearing loss was a big deal...until it hit home.

I laid in bed with Liam that day crying.

Later when the surgeon came around we were told surgery was not an option. Dr. Cosper would do the biopsy and insert a port for Liam to receive chemo, but the tumor was too close to the blood supply to remove the tumor.

I could not think straight that day, I was so emotional- Tricia I apologize for this next part- but I received a message that day asking my schedule for the next month so friends could play a playdate. My reply was "Liam has cancer I can't plan for anything.". Definitely not the best way to break the news to anyone, Sorry!
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