Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sounds lesson

So last week I posted that Liam was in need of a hearing aide. Well the verdict is still out of that one.
During chemo Liam received a drug, cisplatnin, that has a side effect of hearing loss.Hearing is in the circular/spiral part of the ear. High frequency hearing is in the outer part of the spiral, where Liam has already lost hearing. The Cisplatnin may continue to work through the Cochlea (spiral) for the next 2 years.

I had taken Liam for a second evaluation, because his language development; what he says and understands, was not coorelating with what his audiogram was showing. We were shocked to find out that the second opinion thought his hearing was worse.

If I haven't shared before, my degree is in Deaf Education, so I am not uneducated in this area. The second opinion sent us back to where we were previously seen for a hearing aide evaluatation. Which they do not believe Liam needs; my opinion all along.

So for now Liam will have monthly hearing evaluations. We are happy they will follow him closely,but still apprehensive. We just need to know everyone is doing what is best for him.


This past weekend Liam has made LEAPS AND BOUNDS with his langauge. He is at the age he repeats everything that he hears. It is so fun! He is also learning words for EVERYTHING, we point something out once and he know what is it and calls it by name.

Yes I am a teacher. Yes we value language. Yes we work with our child. No I do not believe all of this outweighs a possible hearing loss; helps it yes but does not cancel it out.
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