Thursday, November 17, 2011


Woman arrived around 10pm Saturday night. Mary picked her up at the airport and brought her to the hospital. Brian was laying down, I was pacing/rocking Liam. It was past time to sleep, and with the lack of sleep from the night before we were EXHAUSTED! Woman took over trying to get Liam down, then gave me a hug and her and Mary left for our house. I was so helpful having them stay at the house and take care of Jack.

Liam woke up an hour or so later. Brian got up to check on him only to find his bed covered in blood. Of course I freaked out! He had pulled out his IV. Apparently it wasn't as much blood as it looked like.

We learned quite fast over the next several days that Liam does not sleep in the crib in the hospital. He always slept in the bed with me, although nice to have him near me, it also meant I never got a restful sleep.

The next day between naps and doctors we went for several wagon rides around the children's floor.

Still my favorite picture of Liam

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  1. This is a great pic! I actually look at this picture when my days are stressful at work to remember that the stress is all worth it! I love your blog and could only ever hope to be as strong of a momma as you!!