Monday, November 14, 2011


About 11:30 that night the doctor came it. She had the results of the CT scan.

I was sitting at the end of the hospital bed, Liam on my lap. Brian was standing to the left of us. The doctor sat on the "couch" across from us.

"The CT scan revealed a tumor in William's liver, I have sent the scans to the oncologist. She will review them tonight and be here to see you in the morning, There is nothing more I can do for you tonight, I have handed your case over to Dr. Bolen. She usually rounds early, between 8 and 9".

I sat there, hugging Liam, taking quick breaths to hold back the tears. After the doctor left was the first time I ever saw Brian cry. We were terrified.

Brian asked me not to say anything until after we met the doctor in the morning, but I told him I had to call Woman(my mom). After I spoke with woman she began looking for the next flight to Charlotte.

That night I did not sleep at all. Sometime in the middle of the night I called a good friend who was an oncology nurse. She worked nights, so I hoped she was at work so I would wake her. But she was on vacation that week- she talked to me for a while, cried with me and made sure to call me all week.

About 6 am, still without any sleep, I decided Liam needed to be in everyone's thoughts and prayers. I texted a friend I ran with, as a previous Team in Training Participant and coach I knew they were about to meet and say a mission moment, a story about someone with cancer that gives purpose to why they are out pushing and running. I texted my friend and told her I wasn't ready to talk about it, but we were in the hospital with Liam and he had cancer.

From that moment I knew it was my job to keep Liam in people's thoughts and prayers; that is what I could do to help him.
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  1. It's amazing that you're posting these memories of those intense days. They were dark times of course, but by never forgetting them, you'll always appreciate the brighter points in Liam's life.

    I remember with some bizarrely crystal clarity Jay telling me about that day. He said exactly what you did, that you weren't able to talk about it yet, but that Liam was source of the Mission Moment for that day. Time flies, but it stands still. My heart reached out to you all that day, even though I didn't know any of those details. You did a great job of putting Liam into everyone's thoughts and prayers starting on that day. Thanks for the back story.

  2. Beautifully put, Cat. Although I am not a very "religious" person, I do believe with all of my heart that the thoughts and prayers of so many have helped and will continue to help Liam's healing. You are remarkable parents and sharing your story has added to people's lives in a way you perhaps will never know. Thank you.