Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Second Pregnancy

Having a second child after everything we went through with Liam was not an easy decision, for me at least. Liam's oncologist even discussed the new baby with me after she found out I was pregnant, it is completely normal to fear this child would be sick also.

Although this pregnancy hasn't been easy on me, I decided it was a trade off. I had an easy pregnancy with Liam then he had a struggle. So this time we are just getting the struggles out of the way early.

Last week I had an ultrasound to check the position of Baby Fudge.
Liam was breech, so we have a repeat c-section scheduled for the 24th, but the doctor wanted to check anyway. I have an apparent skill for growing breech babies as this one is too.

But during the ultrasound the tech also found the fluid around her to be low. It's not at a dangerous point just lower than they'd like. In addition to the fluid, Baby's stomach is also measuring small. This may be a result of the fluid level, or it may mean she is just skinny. Everything else is measuring as it should.

They of course do not want me to worry about it; yeah right!
So today I go for another ultrasound and "we'll see from there". Which pretty much leaves everything to the imagination, but there are 3 real possibilities.

1. I have been dehydrated and need to drink more water ( this is what the doctor is hoping for, but he obviously doesn't realize the amount of water I already drink)
2. The doctor will be sending me to a specialist ( but really with 3 weeks left, what's the specialist going to do?)
3. This baby will be coming sooner than expected.
We are so not ready for this baby to come yet!

Help us just continue to pray for a healthy baby.

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  1. Oh my I can only imagine how your nerves must be doing in all this! I pray that the ultrasound today was encouraging and that your baby is strong and healthy in Jesus name! 3 weeks left!! So soon:). That is so exciting!

  2. Praying that you will get good news at today's ultrasound so that you can enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy. This type of waiting is so nerve wracking. Sending lots of hugs, Dawn.

  3. Thank you! We are going to try to keep baby in for a few more weeks. Baby looks healthy in there for now.