Thursday, July 11, 2013

What to do 18 hours before Baby comes.

This can also title this What to do Before your Life Changes Forever
                                    How to Spend the Last Night of Your Life as You Know It

As you are reading this I am at the hospital either getting ready to have baby, having baby or had baby.
this was me before having Liam

At my doctor appointment yesterday they found the fluid going down again, so the doctor decided baby is breech, fluid is dropping, I have to have a c-section anyway, he just wanted it done sooner than planned.  Everything looked great on the ultrasound except the fluid level, so the doctor thought it would be best to get the baby out before things start looking bad.

So I signed the concent forms and left to start making phone calls.  I had to call Brian {obviously}, he wasn't exactly thrilled... the owners of his company are coming to town next week- Sorry Love, you still got more notice than some people :)

Liam loves his Tia.
I had to call Tia Mary.  Brian's sister, Mary, lives about 4 hours away, making her our "closest" relative so she drove up to stay with Liam for the next few days.

I had a few orders I rushed home to finish sewing so I could get them mailed out before Baby comes.

Oh and I kept my dinner date with 9 of the best Mommy Friends I could ever ask for. We had a planned Moms Night Out and I had to pick up a few things I was borrowing for one of the moms, so I still went.  No one could believe I wasn't at home freaking out about the date change and getting ready.  But the way I figured it, I had some PJs packed for the hospital already, I know right where my camera is, Baby's room won't be ready tonight no matter what I do... so really I just had to be prepared to show up at the hospital.
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  1. Haha, I still have a huge bag in my car for you, I guess I will just put Aubrey's (is that the right spelling?) present it in too :) -Cathy

  2. Yippee! Cannot wait to meet this lovely little girl! Pictures, please! :)