Friday, October 18, 2013

Five on Friday {v.3}

{one} cookies for breakfast.
No I am not above bribing my child into taking his medicine.

{two} Family!
 We just left Michigan last weekend and this weekend we are going to Atlanta to visit Brian's sister.

{three} HOT DATE!

 I get to have lunch with this lovely lady while in Atlanta. She used to be my date when we were working in Asheville.

{four} running.
 I had been running consistently before we went to Michigan, and even managed to get in a run there. It gets hard during the week, but this big guy came this week so I can run at naptime when I won't be able to in the evening.

{five} Sleep

Aubrey slept amazingly in Michigan.  Not so much since we have been home.  I am looking forward to hopefully sleeping sometime in the near future.

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