Thursday, October 24, 2013

3 Months

Aubrey Girl
Sweet Baby

Just a few of the names I call my Sweet Angel. 

I am about 2 weeks late with this, but A is now 3 months!

Look at how much she has changed!

Her little personality has developed, she is not so easy to get a HUGE grin out of.  She enjoys talking with you, I just love the sound of her little voice when she coos (not screams).

We didn't have an official weigh in at the doctor this month, but according to our scale, Aubrey is about 12 pounds.  She can still wear most of her 0-3 clothes, but has also began wearing 3-6 month outfits.  Again she is mostly cloth diapered.  She wears a size 1 disposable to sleep in, and once a week while we are waiting for her weekly poop.

A schedule is starting to emerge.  It has been difficult with Liam's activities, Aubrey wants to take her first nap around the time Liam needs to go to preschool. {as I type she is napping in her carseat because she feel asleep on the way home, she cannot be moved out of her place without waking}

We have had a few good nights of sleep, mixed with  a lot of terrible.  2 nights after Sleeping Beauty slept through the night she decided to wake up every 40 minutes!

Her mood is definitely improving as she is becoming more active. At 3 months+1 day she rolled over, belly to back.  Of course she did this on Grandma's watch, but has continued to do it a few more times.   And just the other day she rolled over from back to belly.

We have also gotten out some of Liam's old toys for her.  She is technically not big enough for the exersaucer, but with the HuggaBebe she can sit in it and she enjoys looking at the toys.  Same with the Car Walker.

Some days it seems like she has been with us forever, others she just grows up so fast!
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  1. It all goes so slowly in the day-to-day, but looking back, it's like lightening speed, isn't it?! How cute is she??

  2. Wow, Mandy - you have really hit the nail on the head! My girls are 26 and 27 and truly - it just doesn't seem possible. So, to remind you all of what you already know - treasure every moment! They do fly by with lightening speed!