Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Weekend Replay

Yes, the new week is half over but we had so much fun over the weekend we needed a little extra time to recuperate.
We left Wednesday last week to fly up to Michigan and visit family.

Its no joke flying with 2 children, this is just the beginning of our luggage.  Liam was even "forced" to pull his own suitcase.


We were able to get in plenty of relaxation... its so nice when grandparents are around to temporarily relieve us from parent duty.

Friday we went to Uncle John's Cider Mill.  The pumpkins there were AMAZING!  I'm sure I have never seen pumpkins like those here in the Sweet Carolinas.



Saturday Grandma was on duty all day while Brian and I went to the football game.  Every time I go back I forget how beautiful campus is, I sure do miss it!


Aubrey slept like a champ while we were there.  Until 4am each morning.  I knew I should have stayed there and let Brian come home alone, last night she was up nearly every hour!  As much as I did enjoy the extra sleep, 4am is a difficult time for her to wake up, I have had just enough rest to make it difficult getting back to sleep after feeding A.


All great things came to an end when we had a long day of traveling on Sunday.  I am very luck to have children who travel well.  Aubrey slept most of the time of the airplanes and had fun observing others at the airport.  Grandma had just bought Liam some new trucks that kept him occupied.

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