Monday, October 21, 2013

Good Night, Sleep Tight

So I was just saying last week how I was looking forward to hopefully getting some sleep in the future.  Aubrey had slept so well while we were in Michigan, until 4 am each morning.  But once we got back home she started waking up at midnight and then every hour after that again.
Liam was almost 2 years old before he slept through the night, I was ready to believe I would just have terrible sleepers.

Well, Brian has been asking me for a while now when we are going to move Aubrey into her own room.  I keep telling him, when she starts sleeping longer.  Friday I decided to start putting her down for naps in her bed.  Go ahead and slap my hands, but I did put her on her belly for the naps, I thought it might help her to sleep longer and I could watch her during this time.
This may or may not have been a well thought out plan considering we were leaving for the weekend and she wouldn't be sleeping in her crib anyway.
So the 4 hour drive to Atlanta for the weekend was stressful to say the least.  Aubrey screamed most of the way there.  We would stop to feed her and she would calm down, but once we started driving again she would start screaming.  By the time we got there she would not let me put her down, she slept on me the entire night.  I was scared for the babysitter Saturday night, luckily she did better the next night.
Okay now onto the meat of our story.  When we got home last night, Brian asked again, when can we start putting Aubrey in her room to sleep.  Little did he know I had already decided to put her in her room for the first part of the night, then when she woke up probably around 1am, I would just bring her back into our room since after the first stretch she usually wakes everyhour.
That girl was still asleep when I woke up a 3am.  YAY!  My boobs hurt, but I didn't want to pump and have her wake up 30 minutes later, so  I went back to sleep.  When I woke up at 4:30am, that girl was still sleeping.  At this point my boobs were rock hard, seriously I could have put on my stripper heals and went to work.  I had to relieve myself.  And then I went back to sleep.  UNTIL Aubrey woke me up at 6AM!
And after all this sleep, it was ROUGH getting up this morning.
Just to be realistic, I do not expect her to sleep like this every night from now on, but if she can do it at least 1 more time this week I might feel we are heading in the right direction.

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  1. Its always a shock when they have a good stretch of sleep at night! Last night Austin got up at 2:30 and then slept til 7:30. One of his best nights! It has gotten increasingly better since we put him in his own room. We still have a night from hell a few nights a week, but its not every night anymore, thank god!!