Friday, January 24, 2014

2014: New Year New You

As a public school teacher I have often encountered parents dressed inappropriately for bringing their children to school.  I always told myself, because conversations with yourself are the best, I would not take my children to school in my pajamas. 

This was very difficult with Liam starting school right after I had just had a baby.  Although I have never went in my pajamas, I am not sure my yoga pants and sweats are that much better. 

It might seem small, but one of my goals for this year is to get dressed.  Staying at home, it has been far too easy to spend the day in workout clothes or sweats.  But there is something about putting on clothes, maybe a little bit of makeup, that makes one feel human.
And, really, it doesn't take that much effort.  Most days my children are better dressed than I am, which probably won't change, but at least I can look like I belong with them!
Thank you Katie at For Lauren and Lauren for motivating me to get dressed.

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  1. My daughter is always dressed and looking adorable hours before I bother to get ready! Totally normal. :)

  2. I agree, getting dressed just makes you feel more productive. During my maternity leave I just had to get dressed and do my makeup. It made me feel human and like I was at least accomplishing something!!!

  3. i feel the same way! it is so much easier to stay in sweatpants and I still do quite often but always feel better when I get dressed!! thanks for linking up :) hope you have ag reat weekend!

  4. I hear ya on the motivation to get dressed! You look great and such cute kids!

  5. There is something about getting dressed. My husband worked from home for several years and always got dressed as if he were going to the office before he started his work day. He swears it made him more productive and put him in a frame of mind to work. I find that I have to get dressed on weekends before I really start "getting into my day." If I stay in those comfy, cozy jammies, nothing gets done! :)