Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday {v.5}

Last week I began sharing items I enjoy for babies.  We started with sleep items.  This week I thought I would share breastfeeding items.  Amber, who we also went to high school with, is sharing some helpful tips here too.

I am writing this full of mixed feelings.  Breastfeeding is HARD.  You are told it is the more natural thing.  I call it the most unnatural natural thing.  I breastfed Liam until he got sick and stopped eating at 8 months.  We are also coming to an end with Aubrey (I'll share more on why with her 6 month update next week).

a good breast pump

You will be spending far too much time attached to this machine after you return to work. I actually didn't mind pumping with Liam, it is just time consuming and a pain to wash the parts.  This has been more difficult with Aubrey, just because I also have an almost 4 year old running around.
You will also need storage bags, your milk will interfere with your husband's ice cream storage. By pumping in the first few weeks and building up a freezer stash you will have plenty of milk stored away for when you return to work or have a night out.  This is also how I am going to be able to continue giving Aubrey breastmilk for another 2 months.
I bet in your breast feeding class you were also told its not painful.  She lied!  It HURTS for the first 2-3 weeks.  You just need to get past that, beyond the initial few weeks it really is painless.  To help you with those first few weeks make sure you get some lanolin cream.
Okay.  You are going to think I am absolutely crazy for this.  Gel pads that you can keep in the freezer to put on your boobs after you feed.  Wetting a diaper, then freezing it will also work.  Ice on your boobs has never felt so good.
bra pads.  Leaky boobs. Enough said.
A nursing pillow.  I used a boppy.  I have also heard great things about my breast friend.  Whatever you choose, you want to bring the baby up as close to the food source as possible, keep your posture, your back with thank you.
Love you B!  Hope I haven't scared you yet :)

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  1. Never loved a post about boobs so much, Dawnie!!! :)

  2. Excellent post, Dawn! I wish, 27 years ago, someone had told me just exactly how unnatural the whole process can be. Kudos to the lactation specialists who are available to nursing moms today! I also wish I had thought of the ice on the boobs thing! :)