Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday {v.4}

I still have more 2014 goals to share next week, but today I am excited for my first Five on Friday post of 2014.

My best friend from high school is having a baby and soon.  I am so excited for her.  She asked me a while back to share with her some things I found necessary.  I am going to share some things I like having, not that they are necessary, and each baby is different.

This week I thought I would start with things for sleep {not that I know what that is anymore}

First the obvious, a place to sleep.  Beside the crib in the nursery, both Liam and Aubrey started off in a pack n play in our room.  I have also heard a lot of great things about this Rock n Play.  And I really wanted one, but that would have been another piece of gear around our house and I just couldn't justify it {although I might have gotten more rest between then and now if I did}.

Sleep Sacks.  I have found my babies sleep much better when they are wrapped up.  Woman thinks I am torturing my children, but it is comforting to them.  Infants are used to being in a cramped place and by wrapping them tight they cannot wake themselves up as easily with their startle reflex.

We got this noise machine with Liam, but all babies are different.  We use this SO MUCH MORE with Aubrey.  I don't lay here down without turning it on.

Okay so the night light is more for you.  A baby is not going to be scared of the dark.  I like a dim night light for myself when I am up feeding Aubrey at night.  I don't like it too bright to wake her up, but I do like to see what I am doing.

Finally a monitor.  I love our Motorola video monitor.  It has a 2 way radio in it so I can talk to Aubrey when she wakes up, not that it calms her down...  No a video monitor isn't necessary, we didn't have one with Liam, but it has made me more comfortable being able to see Aubrey.
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