Tuesday, July 5, 2011

100 Miles

So as I was blog stalking, as Brian calls it, I found a post with a goal of running 100 miles in the month of July.
So I did the math, I've only missed 4 days of July, so I would have to run roughly 3.7 miles a day for the next 27 days. Although it is not likely that I will run EVERY day, I am signed up to run the Blue Ridge Relay and trainings include 2 runs/day sometimes. And one long run/week.
I can do this! right?
Today I took Jack out for a run 4 miles. Believe it or not the Lab with never ending energy slowed me down. And yes I brought water for the both of us, running in 90degree heat is no joke.
While I was out running today I thought to myself I would love to race high school me. I would kick her butt! I mean seriously, I sucked! I don't think its cause I am better now than I could have been then, I think I am just more focused and determined now.
So knowing that I was that bad, how did I get into running now? Well I always ran a bit, but my dedication to running began about 4 years ago when my doctor told me to start exercising more. I had been really struggling with depression.
I have never been too open about this, not because I am ashamed or anything, but I just wanted to be the happy, bubbly girl so I tried to pretend I was. So anyway, I went to the doctor and she told me to exercise more. So I did the only logical thing and signed up to run a marathon. Logical, right?
I ran my first marathon with Team In Training. It was a great experience. I met so many wonderful people. I went on to coach after participating until I had Liam. It is actually with the TNT coaches that we are running the Blue Ridge Relay. GO TEAM!Lauren and I tri marked our arm for the marathon, we're cool like that.
Then I ran Chicago marathon with some girls I met through TNT.
Us the morning of CHICAGO!

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