Monday, July 4, 2011


We took Liam to the pediatrician Friday for the first time since he got sick. He weights 19 lbs 6 oz. He is still about 6 pounds under weight but is climbing back onto the growth scale.

The doctor says he is behind in his gross motor skills because he is not walking yet. He also finds him to be slightly behind in verbal skills. But not as far behind as he would have expected with all Liam has gone through. There are no concerns he won't catch up.

I always thought walking by 18 months was the milestone...

Also apparently our pediatrician doesn't consider all over his signs as language. Liam only speaks a few words; Mama, Dada, bye, shoe, car, ball and Jack.

But he signs close to 20 words; more, please, eat, milk, water, all done, clean, ball, car, dog, outside, book, shoe, hat, sleep...

He even combines signs. Today he signed book + car when he wanted me to read him his truck book.

But one of his funnest language moments was when we were out to eat at Mongolian BBQ, Dad got up to get more food and Liam waved saying "Bye Dada".

Liam with the guys at Mongolian BBQ
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  1. That is awesome he signs! And this picture is too cute!