Tuesday, July 19, 2011

8 months

8 months ago today, we had a healthy child who has problems eating.
8 months ago today I sat in the doctor's office nursing Liam, wondering why he was still losing weight.
8 months ago today, I called Brian and told him to get ready, we were taking Liam to the hospital.
8 months ago today Libby was our nurse and Stephanie was our tech.
8 months ago today was pizza night on the pediatric floor.
8 months ago today we held Liam down while the ultrasound tech imaged Liam's abdomen.
8 months ago today I tried not to notice when the CT techs talked in code because they saw something.
8 months ago today I held back my tears as the doctor told us Liam had a tumor.
8 months ago our lives changed forever.

8 months ago seems so long ago, but I remember every minute of that night. And even though we are beyond the cancer, it doesn't get any easier. I still cry, a lot. I am sad for all that Liam missed out on. All that Brian and I missed out on.

As sad as it is, I am so happy for all the people we have met. The doctors and nurses, childlife- they are all so wonderful. If funny; I could really see us being friends with most of these people outside the clinic and hospital walls; but because of this situation we met, that probably won't happen.

But today, with doctors, nurses, childlife and office staff at Blume, we celebrated. We celebrated Liam and other patients being cancer free. There was no sadness about this celebration.
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  1. We love you (typing this as I am wiping tears from my eyes).
    Lisa A

  2. Is he "officially" cancer free? So proud of him and you and Brian. Love you!