Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I will never

Things I said I would never do as a parent

Well lets just start this list off right.  I was never going to have children.  Was this ever truly in my heart? I doubt it, but being selfish was.  I loved coming home and napping. I loved not worrying about anyone else after a long day at work.  And lets face it, teaching 20+ children each day tests your patience, and I couldn't imagine having any patience left for my own child.

I will never co-sleep with my child.  I do not apologize for this at all.  The first time I co-slept with my child was Liam's first night in the hospital.  He was sick. He was scared. He was hurt.  The nurse came in every hour to check his blood pressure and temperature, waking him if he was ever asleep.  He just wanted to be held and I would have done anything to comfort him, I needed to be comforted too.

We are co-sleeping a little earlier this time.  Last night I was just so happy when Aubrey feel asleep I was not about to try moving her!

yup watching TV on the iPad

I will never let my child watch too much television
I already commented on this earlier this summer.  The most important part of this desire was not to allow the television to babysit my child, not necessarily never to allow television.  Well I can say today that Liam watches entirely too much television.  I hate it, I really do!  I just can't play with him and feed Aubrey at the same time.  And right now I am feeding Aubrey 22 hours out of the day.

I am sure if I asked my mom she would give me a list of 30 more things I said I would never do.  I don't care.  My children are safe and healthy.

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  1. Sounds to me like there's a lot of love in their little lives and if a few "rules" get broken, so what? Your children are not only safe and healthy, they are loved and happy! Life is good and YOU are a great mama! :)