Monday, August 26, 2013

Terrible Twos have got Nothing on the Threes

I still remember posting a picture from Liam's first time-out.  My mom called me to find out what I had done, no way had her grandchild done anything wrong!

Somedays I feel like all Liam does is go in and out of time-out. Riding his car into his sisters head, jumping on the dog, pulling the cats tail, hitting, biting... The sweet angels list of offenses could go on and on.   On those days I really have to question the effectiveness of time-out.

One thing I do not question is how we follow up time-out.  We always always call Liam over and ask him if he knows why he had to go to time-out.  Usually he knows.  Then I explain to him why his behavior was unacceptable, but the most important part of this process is we end with a hug.  I let him know how much I love him, even when I don't like how he behaves.
I really need more pictures of him and I

As rough and tough as Liam is, and Lord knows the anxiety that gives me, he is a sensitive child.  I can tell 100% when he is down right mean to me I have not shown him enough love.
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  1. I totally agree, Dawn. I think the terrible twos were a piece of cake compared to the threes! You are one wise mama - the hug is the most important part of the time out! :)

  2. And tell me how saying Go Blue is unexeptable behavior?