Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Back at the hospital

Liam continued to have fevers through the night. At 4am he woke up and was inconsolable. His temperature was 102.5. I tried to cool him off with wet cloths again. When he wouldn't calm down we decided it was time to take him to the hospital. His fever broke around 7am and was happy and playing for a while.

Around noon Liam fell asleep for a few hours. When he woke up his temperature was 100.8. Within 5 minutes his fever spiked to 103.8.

He is now neutrapenic and we will have to stay at the hospital until his ANC level is over 500 and he is without fevers for 24 hours.

Hoping my poor baby feels better soon!
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  1. Is there any reason they're finding!? Or is it a reaction common after a major surgery like his?

  2. Chest X-ray was clean, blood cultures good. It's just a virus and he has no immune system to fight it

  3. Did they do a viral swab to test for specific viruses? I am so sorry you are at the hospital again. I will be praying for you guys.

  4. Praying for Liam's health. Hope he heads back home soon :)

  5. So sorry Dawn. Hugs from afar to you all. Xoxoxoxo, the wilsons.