Sunday, April 3, 2011

Who is the Easter Bunny?

Okay so I thought the Easter Bunny was supposed to be Santa Claus's spring counterpart. Both bring treats and presents to children the night before their respective holidays. But the Easter Bunny gets no love!

I wanted to take Liam to see the Easter Bunny before he started this cycle of chemo. We went to the mall on Monday; 21 days before Easter. Santa Claus is at the mall the day after Halloween, so I didn't think to call ahead to make sure Easter would be being celebrating already. You can see where this story is going... NO BUNNY!

When we got home I did look up the Easter schedule, the Easter Bunny would be making his appearance in the Charlotte malls beginning April 1st. This worked our well. Brian, Liam and I were having lunch near the mall on Friday.

On Friday we went out to lunch to meet with a foundation that was interested in Liam's story and wanted to offer us support. Please check out the Vickie Honeycutt Foundation, their mission is to provide assistance to educators battling cancer.

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  1. Awww! He loved the bunny! So cute! Big hugs and lots of love. The Wilsons

  2. awww, I didn't even know they had Easter bunnies around for pictures!! I want to get Daisy in one;0. Cute pictures! I will praying for your little one!!