Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Free at last

After spending another week in the hospital we came home last night. Liam is doing much better. He hasn't had a fever since Thursday last week.

The fevers were not caused by a viral infection like the doctors had originally thought. On Wednesday Liam had an ultrasound where fluid around his liver was discovered. He then had to have a CT assisted procedure to put a drain in his stomach. Although the fluid has mostly stopped draining, he came home with the drain still in. I have to flush it out with saline twice a day.

The drain will be removed next week when we go back to the hospital for chemo.

Although Liam is feeling much better, he is still very attached to mama. He has no interest in playing with his toys or anything unless he is sitting on my lap.

Here are some photos of Liam from the past week(ish).

Not feeling so well. Just lounging in his chair.

Junie likes his chair too.

Mama's friend Crystal came to town. She's funny

Look at me!

Now look outside

And did you notice my hair growing back?


In honor of Liam's 6th and final cycle of chemo, LCF Threadz is having 6 weeks of sales. This week is 2 pairs of Liam Legs for $15. Check back each week for a new sale.

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  1. Bless your heart momma you are going through so much with your precious little Liam. I love seeing his sweet pictures and happy little face. You are a good momma and I'm continuing to pray for you guys! Thanks for the updates!

  2. LOVE the picture of Liam in his chair and Jack! That chair is sweet!! Glad to hear your home and his fuzz is precious! Still praying dir you guys!