Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Last Song

Yes, I am embaressed to admit it, but I watched The Last Song the other night. Personal opinion- would have been better without Miley Cyrus, I just couldn't buy into her character.
Now me personally; I never cry at movies, I get goose bumps never tears. I cried like a crazy hormonal pregnant lady (Don't go getting any ideas, its not even possible).

But all this made me realize, as much as I feel like I am in a good place now, I will never be able to emotionally handle cancer or childhood illnesses. I think to everybody else, those things suck, it nothing anyone ever wants to deal with but until it becomes a reality of your everyday life it just an abstract thought.

Liam is home and doing well. Earlier today he was cruising around the coffee table as I was in the kitchen boiling eggs to color, he paused from throwing things off the table to stop and wave to me. The longer we are home the better he becomes. It makes me dread Monday when we return to the hospital for Liam's final cycle of chemo. But the end is in sight.

22 more days of cancer
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  1. I haven't seen the movie, but I see how I could already agree with your Miley Cyrus comment. I'm not a big fan. Something about the way her lips move when she talks just irks me. =)

    I like the way you worded something. "Cancer is just an abstract thought until it becomes a reality of your everyday life." You're absolutely right. None of us can fully comprehend how much this experience has changed you as a human being, especially as a mom. I imagine it makes you appreciate every moment more. It makes you cherish every wave like the one Liam gave you while you were boiling eggs. Perhaps in some very messed up way, you will live life more fully than any of us b/c you can appreciate the depth of things. I like picturing Liam waving at you. It makes me smile to think of his body getting stronger and your heart being overwhelmed with joy.

    Love you,