Tuesday, April 5, 2011


In a healthy child fevers alone are not dangerous. Most parents would just give their child tylenol, a cool cloth or cool bath. Most parents don't call the doctor until the fever reaches 103 or 104. In our house we have to call the doctor when Liam's fever reaches 100.5. That is what happened last night.

Liam had been fussy the past few days, normal behavior following chemo, and yesterday he felt warm. I took his temperature, 98.8, so we went about our day. Then as we were getting Liam ready for bed last night Brian commented on how warm he felt. I took his temperature again, 102.2. I gave Liam his bottle, put him to bed and called to let the doctor know.

Brian protested but off to the hospital we went. They got Liam started on antibiotics, drew blood and got a chest X-ray. Everything looks good so far, but he is still having fevers. He is really uncomfortable and has slept most of the day. Liam is laying on me, I'm patting his back with one hand, iPad balancing on my leg typing with the other hand.

I hope Liam feels better soon.
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  1. We hope he feels better too!!!!! And way to multi task!

  2. My heart hurts for you. It must feel awful to know what your baby is going through (what you are going through) and to know he has a fever too. Gosh, I am so sorry. Big air waves hug to you and precious Liam! I pray that his fever passes quickly in Jesus name and I pray for extra peace for you momma! I will keep him in my prayers!