Friday, December 3, 2010

Chemo Day 4

Liam is returning to his cheerful self. It has taken about a week and a half after his surgery but we are relieved to see this.

What is not going well is eating. Still only taking in a few ounces of milk each day. Liam did enjoy some puffs today. He loves his finger foods. My only complaint about them is it takes a whole bowl full to get 25 calories. He obviously is not going to eat a full serving and is getting very few calories from them.
Earlier this week I took Liam to visit Santa Claus. We wanted to get this done before it was too risky to take him out of the house. Liam was less than thrilled. We managed to get a picture of him not crying. And wouldn't you know it; after the pictures had been taken and mom was reviewing them, Liam sat on Santa's lap playing with his beard (wish I had gotten a photo of that).
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