Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Rough Day...

Well it wasn't Liam's best day at all. It all started at about 8am when he woke up. We tried to feed him his bottle...and it did not go well. He threw up everything we tried to feed him and probably a little bit of what was already in his stomach. Really the most discouraging part of the day and actually this past first week+ has been his appetite. He's already small to begin with and the fact that he isn't eating very much doesn't help. He's only been eating about 2o oz. or so per day but today we could barely get 10 oz. in him. We did discover something called a Biter Biscuit which he seemed to like. He ate one and was working on a second one until Jack stole it. You can imagine how mad we were at Jack. Besides his issues with food and the occasional nausea he seems to be doing well and in good spirits. He has not started losing his hair yet(which we were told should happen right about now). Brian is going to shave his hair off in support when he does. Tomorrow we go back to the doctors office in the morning to get some more bloodwork done...another weight check...and hopefully get a solution figured out for his eating woes. Also when he was in the clinic yesterday for his push of Vincristine he had some bloodwork done and his red/white blood counts were good which is very positive. I think that's all for now.....another update this weekend as Ben and Kella visit from Cali.
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  1. Hi Dawn - have you tried mum-mums? They seem also to be a hit with babies who usually are not interested in eating, you can get them at Target and they have different flavors (original rice, vegetable, banana, etc.).

  2. We have tried mum-mums. He wasnt thrilled with them. What I do like about the biter biscuits for Liam is the calories. One biter biscuit is 30 calories, it would take 1/2 cup of puffs or 3 mum-mum rusks for that. A this point we are trying to get the most calories in him as we can.

  3. That makes sense, glad he likes the biter biscuits.