Friday, December 10, 2010

A Special Thank You

We have began to receive so many donations to assist with Liam's medical bills; many from people we have never met. We are so thankful for everyone.

Thank you for the generous donations;The Swansons, The Banks Family, The Ward Family, N. Giaimo, T. Kim, S. Rawson, K. Warren, A. Coberly, B. Lehotzky, N. Debinder, The Baldwins, A. Helfman, A. Gibson, and K. Lefler.

Thank you so much to A. Collins and K. Pierce, who continue to spread the word on facebook.

Thank you L. Armitage, who has began setting up multiple fundraisers for Liam. She has arranged for her friend Joan who owns to donate a portion of her profits to Liam's fund. When placing your order through this website put LIAM in the coupon code area/notes to seller.
L. Armitage will also be conducting a fundraiser of her own after the holidays.

Below is a picture of Liam while waiting at the clinic for his blood transfusion. His Hemoglobin level dipped a little bit so the doctor wanted to help it out a little.

Thank you so much to all our friends and family for your continued support.
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  1. Is the blog link supposed to be Just want to check to use the right site.

  2. Here is the link:


  3. You are very welcome! We know it isn't much compared to the bills he already has, but hope that it helps in some way! :)