Thursday, December 23, 2010

Chemo is exhausting

Liam was able to begin his second cycle of chemo on Wednesday. He has been in good spirits, even more active in the past few days.

I was told I was no longer allowed to write anything sad without warning. THIS IS GOING TO BE HAPPY. We are back at home now. Aunt Mary is here to celebrate Liam's first Christmas.

Things I love...

I love Liam's smile.

I love Liam's laugh.

I love his kisses.

I love his hugs.

I love watching Liam clap.

I love watching Liam wave.

I love watching him play.

I love watching him sleep.

And I love my niece for telling Santa her Christmas wish was for Liam to get better. I know Santa will be saying a prayer as he flys over our home tonight.
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  1. The comment about your niece really touched my heart. I've also been so touched to come home and hear so many people ask me, "How's your friend's son doing?" and then they say, "We've been praying for him," and "He's on our prayer list at church." I'm glad to hear that everyone had such a great first Christmas with sweet Liam.

  2. Even the happy makes me cry. So glad to hear you have your happy boy back and that he is in such good spirits. Merry Christmas and hope that the new year brings remission and good health.