Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Today was a Very Merry Christmas indeed. Liam was feeling great today. We made a whole day out of opening presents. Liam really got the hang of it. He would grab for the paper, tear off a piece and throw it to the side. He was so CUTE! When he got to the box he wanted his toy. We took time after each gift to get it out and let him play with it for a while. Gift opening went on from 9am-5pm.

And as a special Christmas gift to Mommy; Liam has began getting onto his hands and knees again, and attempted to pull himself up on the boxes. This gives me so much joy and hope that he will be mobile again soon and back to his happy, cheerful self.

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  1. Though I only know of you through Leslie Miller, I'm so glad to hear little Liam is doing so well. It's wonderful to know God is still in control and answers prayers. After all look at your little miracle. Thank you for sharing Liam's story so I can praise God for the work He has done and will continue to do. Ya'll are in my prayers.

  2. What a fun day Liam had! He looks so happy in the pictures - and what cool toys Santa brought!