Monday, December 20, 2010

One Month

It has been one month since our world stopped turning. One month since Liam's last attempt to crawl. One month since a peaceful nights sleep. One month...

I cry.
I cry for Liam's lost childhood.

I cry for the pain he feels.

I cry because I cannot comfort him.

I cry because I cannot fix this.

I cry because I don't have the answers to why a child should ever have to have this fight.

I cry for the unlikelihood that this has happened to my baby.

I cry at the word cancer.

I cry because our lives will never be normal again.

I cry because Brian and I have miss out on some of the happy experiences of the first child.

I cry for the generousity of others. They pray, they donate... their lives go on.

I had to call gymboree today to see how long I could suspend Liam's membership for. Pure Wonderment. The gym was so understanding of the situation. They have offered us the gym to use while they are closed so that Liam can get out of the house and play. They understand that this will mean that extra cleaning would have to be done on their part, but would love to do that for Liam.
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  1. It's ok to cry. It's healthy to cry. I hope and pray that some of the things you are crying for will not come to pass. Lots of love. x

  2. Bless their hearts at the Gymboree's Pure Wonderment. What an amazing group of people. It's always okay to cry and we are always here to listen. We continue to keep him in our thoughts and prayers. *hugs*

  3. Dawn- Kit is right, it's OK to cry. You are all going through some completely unimaginable. Please know that we are all here for you- to talk to, to cry with, to hug- whatever you need. We love you.

  4. You are so brave to share this - I hope in some small way it makes you feel less alone. We all wish we could take away all of this for you and Liam.

  5. Liam is the luckiest guy in the world to have a mom like you Dawn. He (and WE) are BLESSED to have you in our lives ... Liam, mommy, and Papa Fudge are STRONG! We will get through this!


  6. I am so sorry for all you have to go through, and sweet little Liam too. I can't imagine how incredibly hard it is.
    You are in my heart and prayers.