Friday, December 17, 2010

A Light at the End of the Tunnel...?

We've been back at the hospital since Wednesday. Liam's weight took a hit. He is getting nutrition through his port now. We are hoping to go home on Sunday. When we get home a homecare nurse will come to the house and set us up so he can continue nutrition at home.

The next cycle of chemo has also been postponed. His blood counts are too low to start on Monday. Our goal is to start the next Monday; December 27th. It works out nicely that Dawn's mom will be visiting at that time to help.

But only in pediatrics is a trip to the doctors or hospital like checking into a nice hotel. They show you to your room, ask if you need anything. They bring you food, drinks and entertainment. Last night a group of ukulele players came to perform Christmas carols for the patients. Liam really enjoyed the music.

We also received some great news today. His tumor is shrinking. Last night they did an ultrasound of the tumor, and although it is difficult to compare a CT scan to an ultrasound, the measurements show it is shrinking, and even dying in the middle of the tumor.

Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers; they are certainly working.

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  1. I'm really glad to hear that the tumor is shrinking. Lots of love xx

  2. Was great to see your text and see this news - good work, Liam!

  3. Wow, what good news that the tumor is shrinking - will continue to send good thoughts and prayers your way.

  4. Wonderful news! Keep fighting the fight Fudge family! Continuing to send encouraging, good thoughts your way.

  5. That's AMAZING news that the tumor is shrinking! I know the prayers are working! He is fighting the fight, you guys WILL make it through this! We continue to pray...

  6. Look at BOOGER ... he is a PRO! Was my favorite nurse there this time!? He is a fighter DAWN! We will stay positive and keep the FAITH!