Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Without a struggle, there can be no progress

That quote accurately describes how these past few days have been. Liam has been uncomfortable and fussy. We are continuing to struggle with feeding him. He is getting between 10-14 oz of breastmilk/formula a day. He should be getting 24-32 oz. So he is not even close. But he sure does love his biter biscuits.

After being asked how Liam is doing, the next question we are asked is...How is mom and dad doing?

For dad, Life goes on. Brian continues to go to work, unless Liam has an appointment. When he gets home from work he plays with Jack. Brian has continued to run; finishing the Thunder Road Marathon with Ben last weekend. He also makes time to play with Liam and give him his bath before bed.

For Mom- Dawn has taken a leave of absence from work to stay home with Liam during this time. She tries to keep Liam happy and comfortable. For herself while Liam naps she has began making use of the sewing machine. Baby legs anyone?

Sewing has been good for keeping Dawn busy during naps. Keeps her from thinking about things too much. The baby legs have been great for the frequent diaper changes Liam requires. She has made some for friends babies. Just let her know if you want some.
Special recognition needs to be given to Brian's uncle Norman Fudge. Over this past weekend he gave a very generous donation towards Liam's fund to help with his expenses. We certainly did not expect it and we are truly thankful. Thank you Uncle Norman!!
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  1. Dawn- as always we think and pray for you all.

    On a more fun note- I am extremely impressed by your sewing skills!:) Adorable baby legs! I have a ton for Katherine (girly stuff), but none for Charlie. Maybe I should get a move on and make him some.

  2. Dawn, the baby legs are freaking adorable - good for you for channeling your energy into something positive, so smart.