Friday, March 18, 2011

Adjusting steps

When it is obvious goals cannot be reached, do not adjust the goals, adjust the action steps

I'm taking a step back from writing about Liam today. Tune in tomorrow, we've got stories to tell...

Today is like my new years, I'm going at it with goals. My goal for a while has been to get in shape and get back to running. Whenever I start, I get derailed. I am writing about this today because sharing it with you equal accountability. Don't let me slack on this!

Why has running been so hard for me? I don't want to leave Liam. Yes, Brian is a very capable father. I just don't want to leave him. Also I am on a medical leave from work to take care of my son. I feel guilty if my time is not all about taking care of Liam, like I am cheating my medical leave, even if it's 7pm and I wouldn't be working anyway.

Brian and my mom, among others all tell me I need to get out. In order to take care of Liam, I have to be healthy; physically, mentally, emotionally. Running does that for me.

So today when Brian got back from work I went out to run. I went 2.5 miles. Now I won't share with you how embarrassingly slow those 2 miles were, but I plan to go again tomorrow. Small goal: run 3 times/ week. I hope my exercising improves as Liam's health improves.

Liam you are my inspiration.
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  1. I wanted to let you know that with every single one of your posts, I am inspired by your words, and I know other people are also.
    Keeping your mind strong and healthy through running is important, and is vital to your physical and emotional well-being. 2.5 miles may not seem like a lot, but I equate it to Liam's Cheerios - every tiny bit that is consumed only puts you closer to your end goal. Keep it up!

  2. Run with me, lady! Want me to text you some encouragement whenever I go!? And by the way...2.5 miles is still decent in my book. ;)