Monday, March 28, 2011

"you're like his pacifier"

We have been home for 6 terrific days now. They have all had their ups and downs. Ups- Liam is so happy, enjoying his own toys, and food. Down- attachment issues. Way down-work.

Liam is attached... to me... all the time. He is getting better little by little, but after this last hospital visit Liam has developed an anxiety toward people. All people, not just strangers.

Yesterday dad was busy working on the house all day so he wanted to put Liam to bed (BONUS) but Liam wanted nothing to do with him, screamed and reached for mommy. But dad persevered. My grandma is here visiting now, but Liam doesn't even want her talking to him. We just have to take a breath and reassure Liam no one is going to hurt him, easier said than done with a 12 month old,

Why was dad so busy all day long? Because when it rains it pours! In January our outside doors broke, broke off the hing and fell into the house. This along with an unusable bathroom, hole in the ceiling and squirrels in the attic. When we bought his house we knew we wanted a house it fix up. We had done well with 1 job a year, but never planned on so much going wrong at once, and while I am out of work on top of everything else. The sky is falling.

Tomorrow Liam begins his 5th cycle of chemo. We pray this is the beginning to the end of this story.
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