Saturday, March 12, 2011

PICU day 4

Day 1: all the machines Liam was hooked up to following surgery. Fentanyl for pain, Versed for sedation, antibiotics to prevent post- surgical infection, plasma and platlets to replace what he lost in surgery.
Day 1: Has a breathing tube, NG tube, cental line, artital line, IV, accessed port, jp drains. (lines and tubes all over)Day 4: All that is left is an accessed port, jp drains and nasal canula for oxygen

Liam is doing well. In pain, obviously. The top bandage on his chest is just covering the needle in his port. The bottom bandage is over his incision, this was a major surgery, it could not be done laparoscopically. When he sees us he wants to be held, which is how he got twisted in his crib. He was reaching and rolling trying to get to mama. We haven't been able to hold him yet, surgeons want him to lay flat still.
If he continues to do well we will be moved to a room later today or tomorrow. Surgeon has not rounded yet today, but I am hoping to hold him later, but thats me being selfish, we will do what is best for Liam.

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  1. Poor little guy. Poor you too! Can't imagine how difficullt this is for you. Prayers for you all!