Sunday, March 13, 2011

Parenting 101

I had a strong opinion on many things about parenting. And although I still have strong opinions, they have adapted.

For me one of those strong opinions involved television. I do not want my child watching television. I do not pass judgement on parents who let their children watch television, as long as it's not their babysitter, I just never wanted it for mine.

This is one opinion I had to adapt. Liam has not interest in the television when it is on at home, lucky for me.

Right now Liam can just lay there, no toys, no stimulation. So Yes, I gave Liam some cartoons to watch.
What is a parenting opinion you have had to change?
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  1. The parenting opinion I had to change is, I was always anti-pacifier. I didn't believe in starting her with a dependency that I would later have to break. No one in my family ever used pacifiers. Anyway, 4 days after Emie was born Michael ran out to get her a pacifier at around 8p b/c she wouldn't stop crying. It was after that, I found out they were actually recommended by doctors for the 1st year. And as you know, Emie is like the real life version of Maggie Simpson - you take her pacifier, she pulls another out of thin air and plops it in her mouth :)

  2. OMG I am so not looking forward to breaking the pacifier. Everytime Liam stops being so "dependant" on it, we end up in the hospital and he gets it all day long.