Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One Year

Dear Liam

Today you are one year. As we were preparing for your birth last year there was no way to tell the joy and love you would bring into our lives.

You have grown from a helpless infant into a fearless toddler. One year ago your favorite place was in mama's arms; it still is. Between our cuddles we often find you digging through drawers or pulling things off shelves. You also love to play with your cars.

With all the road bumps you have had in your short life, this past month has been full of wonder and adventure. You have began to crawl and continuously chasing the dog and cat around the house. You climb the stairs and love to practice walking. Such a sweet baby boy you are always willing to offer up hugs and kisses, and no one can resist your smile as you wave hello.

You haven't had the first year we wished for you and surgery was not the way I wanted you to celebrate your first birthday but to be cancer free is the best gift we could give you. You are a special boy in so many people's thoughts and prayers I know year 2 will be all we could wish for you.

I love you
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  1. Dawn, I'm sure you will go through so many emotions today. I am constantly thinking about you today. Happy birthday Liam! I truly hope he gets the best birthday gift ever! Stay strong. Please let me know if you need anything. Deanna

  2. Happy Birthday, Liam! We are praying all goes well today!!!!!

  3. I cried reading this! So beautiful. xx

  4. Happy birthday to your little boy! I wish you and your family all the best.

  5. Ditto to what Kit said...your an amazingly strong person! Here's to year 2!!!!